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Please read the Announcement regarding the changes to the scripture mastery verses that were announced for the 2013/14 school year. As a result of the changes announced, prices on LDS Scripture Rock products sold on this website have been reduced by 40%. Since roughly 40% of the Scripture Mastery verses were changed, the decision was made to reduce prices by 40%. New songs may be written and recorded in the future for the newly released scripture mastery verses but at this time I cannot guarantee when or if that will happen. Please enjoy these discounted prices below!

Single songs are available for
download on iTunes for just 69 cents each! Due to file size, the DVD content will not be available on iTunes but I have created an iPad / Tablet / Smartphone solution described on the DVD page. Otherwise, LDS Scripture Rock comes as either a CD or CD/DVD combo. The CD/DVD combo has both a CD and a DVD in the same case. Seminary Classes can purchase the CD in bulk quantities at a price of just $5 each but only for one CD (5 CD minimum order). Please use drop down menus to add items to shopping cart. Once an item is in your cart, make sure you enter the correct quantity. CD Product Images Articles of Faith Product Images

New Pricing:
CD's = $6.95, CD/DVD Combo = $9.95, Articles of Faith CD = $2.95 each, Articles of Faith CD/DVD Combo = $4.95

Domestic Shipping = $3.00, International Shipping = $5.00
Orders over $25 = Free Shipping

Delivery timing: we generally ship product every few days. You will get an email when it ships. iPad delivery will not be automatic. A manual email with the folder link has to be sent. This may take up to 24 hours to process. Thanks for your patience.

CD / Standard Work
CD/DVD Combo
Articles of Faith CD
Articles of Faith CD/DVD Combo
CD Class Set (minimum order of 5)
iPad Version of Karaoke DVD