The DVD includes videos for every song on the CD
LDS Scripture Rock is sold as either a CD or a CD/DVD Combo which includes both a CD and a DVD. The DVD will play in your computer or DVD player and has videos for each song on the CD, displayed in Karaoke style. You're watching the videos from the DVD on the YouTube LDS Scripture Rock channel below.
Practice Instrumental Tracks
The DVD also includes videos for each song in the "no-vocal" format where the singer's voice is removed, similar to how real Karaoke is done. There is also a 10 minute producer's interview on the DVD.
iPad / Tablet Version of DVD Videos
Many have requested this so I recently added the option to purchase the DVD videos so they will play on your iPad or Tablet Device (including Smartphones). I have accomplished this through a company called Sugarsync. Sugarsync is a free app you can download for your iPad, Tablet Device or smart phone. You then create a free account on Sugarsync with your email address. Once you purchase the iPad / Tablet Version on the order page you will get an email with full instructions but basically a folder containing the DVD Video Content will be shared with you through your new Sugarsync account. You can download the files to your device while you are connected to a wifi network and save them on your device so they will play later when you are not connected. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email.