My favorite LDS Scripture Rock song is Job 19:25-26. See why.

Who are the singers on the CD? I used a variety of professional vocalists from the Nashville music scene. Many of them have either toured with top stars or are producing their own CD.

What are your musical influences? Growing up in the 80's I loved bands like Depeche Mode, the Cure, REM and U2. Today I like Jack Johnson, Maroon 5, and Sarah Bareilles. I also love to play old folk stuff like James Taylor and Simon and Garfunkel. Since I'm originally from Southeast Texas, I also love country music. In fact, I bought my first guitar after almost winning a Karaoke competition by singing a Garth Brooks song! My band at BYU played Alternative Rock.

"A few years ago I was approached by a seminary teacher and asked to write songs that would make the LDS seminary scriptures easier for students to memorize.  I hope I've achieved my goal of creating music that is fun and easy to listen to while not detracting from the sacredness of the holy scriptures.  I have a deep love for the word of God and know the powerful force it can be in your life if you keep the scriptures in your mind.  I started playing the guitar in college at BYU where I was in a band called Running Circles.  After serving a mission in South Africa, I earned a bachelor's degree from BYU in '94 and an MBA from Vanderbilt in '99.  I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee with my wife and six children.  I composed each of these LDS Scripture Rock songs and hired professional studio musicians and vocalists to help bring them to life on this CD.  I hope you enjoy them!"

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