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LDS Scripture Rock is the LDS Seminary Scripture Mastery verses sung to original Rock/Guitar music. It was created to sound like the popular music that youth like to listen to. You're now listening to it in the player below! (Scroll down to select by song)
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Makes Scripture Mastery easy!

Great for families

Listen in the car

Makes memorizing easy

Hard to reach teens

Teens put on iPod

"As a new seminary teacher, it was ridiculous watching the kids trying to memorize the scripture mastery the old way, at 6:30am. With the cd, they learned two in just one week."

"Thank you for the great CD! My students have learned many of them this year! Their favorite is Moses 7:18! They were at a stake seminary event, when that SM came up and they all started singing! It was wonderful."

"I am a seminary teacher for junior's and senior's in Santa Rosa, CA.  They love the scripture rock!  We have used it for almost all the scripture mastery we have learned.  Our wards' seminary classes have taken our stake scripture mastery competition most every year!"

"I have been involved in scripture mastery teaching for 7 years and this is the first time I have seen them learn the scriptures word for word."

"I have had such great success with the Scripture Rock CDs that I no longer stress over Scripture Mastery."
"When my own children (9-18) choose to listen to the CDs while hanging out around the house and can sing the words to most of the scriptures, you are doing something right."

"Not only seminary students are learning through your CD.  When I am in the car with my children they ask me to put the CD on.  To date my older children (ages 10, 8, 7 and 5) know nine of the 25.  They love it!"

"My six, eight, and ten year-olds all request their favorite scripture song every time they get in the car.  Even the two-year old has been heard quoting Alma a time or two."

"I actually purchased the cd's so children and I could learn them when in the car.  My son will start seminary next year and my daughter in 2 more years."

"My younger sons, who have had a hard time memorizing things we've worked on in FHE, are excelling and are so excited to learn a new song. My 3 year old just today was singing one of your songs, although he seemed to have made up his own lyrics."
"After using the CD, listening in my car, I can remember all the scriptures word for word. I've probably listened to the CD about 8 times, and I plan to keep listening to it. I am amazed!!"

"They listen to them on the way to seminary (early morning version) and even though two of them only have a ten minutes ride, they've learned over half so far."

"On a 3 hour youth temple trip in a 15 passenger van with YM/YW from ages 12 - 17 yrs old, we ended up challenging the Bishop to see if the kids could memorize a brand new song before the Bishop. At the end of 3 hours, the entire van had 3 of the longer songs memorized."

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for putting the scripture mastery scriptures to music. I enjoy listening to them as I travel because I'm on the road quite a lot! I've been wanting to memorize the scriptures and this is a perfect way."

"I listen to it in my car and the scriptures set to catchy music stay in my mind a lot easier than if I was just repeating them to myself over and over."
"My students "complain" that they can't get the songs out of their heads.  That just means that they have a scripture in their heads all day long.  What could be better!"

"What we've found is that the kids do learn the verses quickly and they retain them. Many say the songs repeat over and over in their minds."

"I was delighted to find out that not only did my class like them, but my daughter, who was in another class LOVED them.  She put the CD in her car and listened to them all of the time." 

"A lot of my students have younger siblings that listen to the CDs at home and have more of the songs memorized than my students!"

"Any student who choses to listen on their own time easily knows each scripture word for word, and can find them quickly in their scriptures.  This is such a great classroom tool and invaluable to those students who find themselves with little time or those who have difficulty reading and remembering."  
"The students that are really drawn to the music are those I have trouble getting engaged in scripture mastery. The music has helped those students learn and memorize more scriptures than they would have otherwise."

"Even the boys who hate to sing and won't always join in when I do use the CD or DVD tell me that the song stuck in their heads all day, so I love it!!"

"Not only my brightest students but also our slow students have learned the first 5 and we have only used the CD maybe 10 times."

"I have several students this year with learning disabilities that I'm told didn't even try to pass off the scripture mastery's in the past and this year they sing them to me."

"I purchase the Cd's for each of my students so they can also use them at home.  They listen to them on their way to school after seminary. And they even get their non-member friends to sing along."
"I'm a seminary student in Oregon, and my teacher recently purchased your Old Testament cd for our entire class. Since I've put it on my iPod, I've had a much easier time memorizing scripture mastery! Music is something that I connect with so well, and your cd has made learning scriptures... Enjoyable =)"

"I even find myself singing them in the shower each morning as I am getting ready for seminary.  Even when a scripture is quoted from the pulpit during sacrament meeting, the song pops into my head!  It's awesome!  Thanks for making it fun to learn to scriptures!"

"I am in seminary and we have tests every Friday. When I read the scripture reference in my head, then the tune to that scripture mastery comes to my head and i start singing the words in my head. I have passed every quiz. I love it!!!!!!!"

"I have loved listening to your Scripture Rock CD's!!!  My friend and I rock out to them in the car all the time.  The songs are fun, up-beat, and an excellent way to help us memorize scripture mastery!"
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Update on 2013 Change in Scripture Mastery Verses:
Please read this statement on reaction to the changes to the scripture mastery verses that were announced for the 2013/14 school year... Read more

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